Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you know what i hate? sunburn red & purplish are not my favorite skin colors
do you know what else i hate? sun poisoning (not sure if thats what i had, but i'm leaning that way)
nothing like a good burn to make you feel like a kid again. mom combs me, puts on my socks & shoes....
i told her the next time i go to the beach i'm wearing a burka
this is not fun.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

did you ever dream you were dreaming?

last night i fell asleep on the sofa, & i must have really been sleeping good too, cause i was dreaming
that i was dreaming. - i'm not sure that ever
happened to me before!
in my dreams dream, it was my wedding day.....
and it was a disaster! i had forgotten to print
the programs, the service started and hour late, there
was a blizzard, and we tried to take pictures outside
in snow up to our waist's, so then my biggest
thing was that i had gotten snow in my shoes.
i had forgotten to tell the singers which songs
i wanted sung where, and they sang "God is Great,
& God is Good" at the reception, then they kept
singing more songs & more songs, & we still hadn't
eaten. ppl started falling asleep so we served
them coffee.....
when i woke up in my dream, i was so relieved
that i had been dreaming, & i started making a checklist
of things to do. one of the things was to take
heaters along to melt the snow to take pictures......
then i woke up for real.
my dreams are weird.