Friday, September 7, 2012

Fleeting Moments on Main Street

It's been a crazy summer..
Crazy meaning whirlwind of events.
Crazy meaning out of the ordinary.
Crazy meaning there were times I felt like I should be committed (to a mental institution).
Crazy meaning unexpected.
Crazy meaning good!

It all started the beginning of June. Actually I guess it was the end of May.
My dad used to be on the local Water Authority for the town I grew up in. He still goes to the meetings and still gets involved. Turns out they own a house that they were taking bids to move or tear it down. Out of the blue the one evening, when we were at mom's, we decided to go check it out. We walked around, peeked in windows, talked about it, and suddenly in the space of about 2 weeks, went from not even looking at buying a house, to having our offer accepted, and beginning the journey of owning our own house.

It's taking some work, painting, new roof, obvious landscaping,  but we are excited about the prospect of owning a place of our own. 
Along with that comes change. C is not completely thrilled to leave his hometown where he has lived his whole life. I on the other hand am returning to my hometown where I spent most of my "growing up" years. However, it is the end of living on Main Street. After 23 years of living along main street, I will reside on a "quiet residential side street". Hopefully with lots of beautiful sunsets.

We spend most of our evenings working at our house, with whatever family members it suits to help. Painting, floor sanding, removing wallpaper, flooring, gutting bathrooms...we hope to move the end of September. We'll see how it comes along.