Monday, August 4, 2008

so i had a wonderful weekend at the mountians, there was deer, there was camfires, there was games, there was laughter, there was happy day clouds (puffy white ones) - it was great. i get home after a 4 1/2 hours of driving in the back seat of a maxi van,  come home hungry & exhausted, and there are no vehicles in the driveway, no house keys on me. talk about a sinking feeling!
i called mom - her & dad are in hanover but she thought maybe conrad would be home
i call the house phone & try the door. the door is locked, and the house phone just rings.
i turn to head down the walk, contemplating my next move. & i hear the door open behind me.
i turn around, and there stands curt, smiling from ear to ear. i think my mouth dropped open. 
that had to be the best surprise of the weekend! 
i went inside, had some food, drank some milk ( the first since before i left friday morning!) and had a relaxing, wonderful evening.