Thursday, January 21, 2010

Technology: defined by me

I have recently become annoyed. Actually not so recent, unless you call the last year recent. (Which in the grand scheme of things actually may be considered recent) So yes, I am an annoyed person. And what has caused this annoyance? Technology. They (I'm not sure who they are) say that when we die we have only used a very small percentage of our brains. We could have learned so much more, we could have created, we could have invented. We could have advanced technology. For some reason tho, it seems that every advancement in technology has a very serious repercussion. At least the technology that I use. Maybe it is just me and the fact that I allow it to overtake me. I'm not sure, but let me be more specific.
  • Cell Phones. - I think this one has been the longest in the "annoy me" running. We only recently got a house phone. Before that, the only way to reach us was our cell phones. I believe it was last summer when it really started to get on my nerves. I was never unreachable. I'm eating dinner, the cell phone rings. I'm with my family, the cell phone rings. I go for a walk with my husband, the cell phone rings. I remember the day that I had had it. I wanted to let my phone at home, and go somewhere to be alone, but that starts a whole new panic line of "She's not at home, she doesn't pick up her cell phone, do you think I should call a search party?" (ok so not talking of any one person, just generalization) So after the yearning to put my cell phone through the garbage disposal, there came an epiphany. I don't have to let my cell phone annoy me! When I go to visit someone, it can stay in the car, or silent in my purse. They can leave me a message. If a life threatening situation arises I most likely cant help them anyway, and can do just as much then as I could do two hours from now when my visit is over. Next problem with cell phones is texting. Yes I text. No I do not hold full conversations through texting. No I do not rite lyke thys wen i txt. That Is My Pet Peeve. I believe text language is going to be the breakdown of intelligence in America and it is SAD!
  • Facebook - this has been for a while as well. I started out on xanga way back in Feb of 05. I've had the arguments with people who think it is a waste of time or weird but then spend hours reading my posts. I've had the argument that it's not safe and some stalker is going to come kill me in my sleep. With xanga or any blog I see the danger of fakeness. Blogging gives opportunity to be any person that you want to be. And that bugs me. I resolve to be real! I've since had myspace facebook, and now this blog. Yes, technology allows me to do this, the fallback to all of these comes in the form of fakeness. Myspace - my myspace was short lived. After several random people wanted to be my friend, and several lewd comments, I decided that yes, myspace just might be pedophile heaven. Next I became one of the millions to join facebook. Now don't get me wrong, I still use facebook, but it has come withing milliseconds of it's lifespan on more than one occasion. I very quickly learned that facebook is all about friends. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to get a friend request from the cashier at the local grocery store. Cause everyone you've ever met eyes with is on there. And your neighbor just brushed his teeth and is heading to bed. Like I said I still use facebook, but my thing is more about writing, which other than one sentence updates doesn't seem to be the aim of facebook.
  • Camera's - I know your probably thinking wow she is majorly messed up. She thinks cameras are evil too? No, in fact I love photography. Photography can be a beautiful expression of art. I'd love to travel the world and take pictures of everything! Throughout High School, I was know to always have my camera in hand. On field trips I would go through two films. On Chorus tour I could double that. It's all well and good. Maybe a bit excessive. I've recently begun wondering how many memories I missed making, because I was watching memories being made. I want to remember things not because I took a picture of them, but because I participated in them. Sometimes you can do both, but when I cant, I hope I set the camera down, and join in.
  • Internet, Movies, Mp3's even books. I guess what I've realized even more so recently is that life is short. Live it with others, don't seclude yourself with technology. Sit around a campfire & sing songs with friends. Don't look up a campfire clip on YouTube.

When I was younger I used to peruse the obituaries for people my age that had died. I wanted to read about their lives, and imagine what they could have done if they lived. I know, morbid right? It's a practice I've pretty much given up. Instead when I flip through the pages, and see the obituaries, I think of things that I can add to my list of "40 things to do before I'm 40", I think of ways that I want to live my life.

Moral of the story. If you cant reach me on my cell phone, I might be visiting with a dear friend that I did NOT meet on facebook.