Friday, July 31, 2009

oh the joys...

the joys of being a housekeeper that is. Well, housekeeper, homemaker, keeper at home - to me they pretty much mean keeping a house looking like a home instead of a war zone. Right now, as I sit on my sofa in front of my AC, my house looks a bit like a war zone, or a disaster area, or if you are an avid "zits" fan, Jeremy's bedroom. As I look around, I see two laundry loads of wash on the floor waiting to be folded. Why, you ask is it on the floor? Well, that is the easiest place to fold it, as my kitchen table quadruples as a table, a sewing space, a mini greenhouse ( it hold my few houseplants) and a desk. The sewing space holds obviously the sewing machine, a 1/2 sewn dress, and various "needing repair" items. The green house part holds 3 houseplants that I have managed to keep alive ever since I got married nearly 9 months ago. The desk part, holds bills that I need to sit down & pay tonight, and the kitchen table part - well, it's actually cleaned off - at the moment. So, there are two loads of wash on the floor, Creative Memories table is in much need of attention, several pairs of shoes that have accumulated at the bottom of the stairs, a beach chair and umbrella that are waiting for my car to get out of the shop, a cookbook left discarded on the sofa for a later "look see", and all surfaces are in much need of dusting. I hearken back to the days when my mom used to tell me I'd make my life much easier if I would just put things away when I'm done with them - Mom, I now agree wholeheartedly! But, the real reason I am sitting in front of my AC is because I went outside to watter the plants in my porch flower pots (those flowers have been sitting on death row for the last several weeks, and I feel deep with in there is no more hope for a stay of execution) As I was watering them, I was observing the flowerbed that God waters for me. I noticed the weeds were getting quite greedy and only allowing the flowers mere peeking room, so I took action. When I was younger, I'm not sure how young, I made a pact with myself - never to become one of those women who (has a flowerbed or garden in the front yard) finds it practical to hike her posterior portion towards heaven. Imagine my predicament. It just rained today, hard. I have a bum knee, which puts squatting out of the picture. Not about to get myself all wet by kneeling, I did the unthinkable. I bent over, and wondered as the cars whizzed by, how many young impressionable girls vowed to never become me. So, the point of this story is, that I became quite hot, and quite lightheaded as i up and downed out there, that I now find it necessary to drink a glass of cold water, and inform the world that I have allot of work to do tonight, and I should start the disaster relief right about

Friday, July 24, 2009

This thing they call marriage

Funny how something can change you so quickly. I haven't even been married a year, and i'm changing into one of those people. You know the kind of people that they always say your gonna turn into. Oh yes, those things called adults. More specifically those things called sensible adults. Like my mom. The kind of people who tell you to eat breakfast - even more a healthy breakfast The kind of people who tell you not to eat raw cookie dough The kind of people that tell you to make sure you drink enough water & get enough sleep. It's kinda scary! I used to never eat breakfast- especially eggs. They caused my stomache to flip flop if I ate them in the morning. This morning, I ate and egg burrito, just a matter of minutes after I crawled out of bed. And it was oh so good! I've been married almost 9 months, and already I find myself steering away from the oh so sugar laden cereals for more healthy alternatives like plain cheerios, and quaker oat squares. I make cookies & warn my husband not to eat the cookie dough cause there is uncooked eggs in it. It has become habit for me to drink a glass of water when I get up in the morning, and a glass of water before bed (plus the constant water bottle on my desk at work) Come 10pm I'm normally about ready to crash...2am bedtimes are a thing of the past. I just ate a waffle - my mom used to put the 10x sugar on for us so we couldn't overdo it. I put some on, and thought it looked like too much so I shook a bit off... I think I'm turning into one of those things...those Adult people

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Life is so interesting... take the word steam rolled when you steam iron something, you steam out all the wrinkles, but when someone says they feel like they got steamrolled, it has nothing to do with the wrinkles of life being smoothed out. so tell me, what is the solution to a person picking themselves up after being steamrolled? i'm up for suggestions.