Friday, July 24, 2009

This thing they call marriage

Funny how something can change you so quickly. I haven't even been married a year, and i'm changing into one of those people. You know the kind of people that they always say your gonna turn into. Oh yes, those things called adults. More specifically those things called sensible adults. Like my mom. The kind of people who tell you to eat breakfast - even more a healthy breakfast The kind of people who tell you not to eat raw cookie dough The kind of people that tell you to make sure you drink enough water & get enough sleep. It's kinda scary! I used to never eat breakfast- especially eggs. They caused my stomache to flip flop if I ate them in the morning. This morning, I ate and egg burrito, just a matter of minutes after I crawled out of bed. And it was oh so good! I've been married almost 9 months, and already I find myself steering away from the oh so sugar laden cereals for more healthy alternatives like plain cheerios, and quaker oat squares. I make cookies & warn my husband not to eat the cookie dough cause there is uncooked eggs in it. It has become habit for me to drink a glass of water when I get up in the morning, and a glass of water before bed (plus the constant water bottle on my desk at work) Come 10pm I'm normally about ready to crash...2am bedtimes are a thing of the past. I just ate a waffle - my mom used to put the 10x sugar on for us so we couldn't overdo it. I put some on, and thought it looked like too much so I shook a bit off... I think I'm turning into one of those things...those Adult people

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