Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art class

I clearly remember the third grade.  I was sitting at my desk working on history homework. Art class had just finished and there was time left to do some homework before the end of the day. I raised my hand, and asked the teacher - "Why can't we have art class everyday?" In my mind it was a valid question. We had history every day- why not art? She smiled that "oh-silly little child" smile, and said: Because if we only did art what would you do when you get older? I smartly replied "be a mom".  The bell rang & school was over for the day.
    Fast forward quite a few years & here I am. While I am deeply grateful for my education in other subjects than art; (In fact I do quite like history) I still wish every day was art class.
As a child I had a very interesting imagination. Picking all kinds of weeds & tossing them together to make salad to serve from my McDonald's drive thru window. (the playhouse window) The salad generally got served with a mud burger and fries (twigs). I colored shapes on a piece of paper and dumped moms olive oil it so it would become transparent like a stained glass window. And then came the day when mom said I could use her sewing machine. Bits and pieces of scraps turned to misshapen pieces of doll or barbie clothes. I was in heaven.
   I still wish it was Art class every day. It's not. I'm not a mom yet, so those things I learned in school do come in handy.
   I still get my craft fix as often as I can. My newest venture is opening my own etsy shop. Right now I have some fabric flower headbands in it, but I also have some hair ties & pins that aren't listed. I dream of a shop full of little clothes and shoes, but for now its headbands.
  The other way I let out my inner artist ( I say that word very loosely!) is photography. I love it. I take pictures in my head even when I don't have my camera. There is just something about creating, and capturing that perfect moment, that has a profound grip on my heart.
So, while it's not art class every day all day for me. It's something I'm holding on to.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Maine Event

Saturday morning sunrise
   Anticipation is half the fun. Or so they say. It's been looked forward to for almost a year. It's been dreamed of, thought out, planned. Now it has already been here & it's over...But what a wonderful time it was. ;)
  We left in the early hours of Saturday morning (9/10) and headed out on our week long adventure to Maine. We went with friends of ours Lisa & Brent & their son William. We filled our week with quaint towns, lighthouses, hiking, beach-combing, good food, games, great memories, and lots of pictures.
At the Portland Head Light

The Goddard Mansion at Williams State Park in Portland

Weathered Building Scrumptious-ness

Our attempt at Pasta & Fresh Mussels

Lovely sunset views from the back yard.

boats - water - happiness

small town bakery

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. The one on the Maine State Quarter

Handsome husband

Went to the docks to get some "lobstah" for supper the one night.

our house

Our Last Maine Sunset

The boot at L.L. Bean

 We had an absolutely amazing time. A week that I will never forget.