Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art class

I clearly remember the third grade.  I was sitting at my desk working on history homework. Art class had just finished and there was time left to do some homework before the end of the day. I raised my hand, and asked the teacher - "Why can't we have art class everyday?" In my mind it was a valid question. We had history every day- why not art? She smiled that "oh-silly little child" smile, and said: Because if we only did art what would you do when you get older? I smartly replied "be a mom".  The bell rang & school was over for the day.
    Fast forward quite a few years & here I am. While I am deeply grateful for my education in other subjects than art; (In fact I do quite like history) I still wish every day was art class.
As a child I had a very interesting imagination. Picking all kinds of weeds & tossing them together to make salad to serve from my McDonald's drive thru window. (the playhouse window) The salad generally got served with a mud burger and fries (twigs). I colored shapes on a piece of paper and dumped moms olive oil it so it would become transparent like a stained glass window. And then came the day when mom said I could use her sewing machine. Bits and pieces of scraps turned to misshapen pieces of doll or barbie clothes. I was in heaven.
   I still wish it was Art class every day. It's not. I'm not a mom yet, so those things I learned in school do come in handy.
   I still get my craft fix as often as I can. My newest venture is opening my own etsy shop. Right now I have some fabric flower headbands in it, but I also have some hair ties & pins that aren't listed. I dream of a shop full of little clothes and shoes, but for now its headbands.
  The other way I let out my inner artist ( I say that word very loosely!) is photography. I love it. I take pictures in my head even when I don't have my camera. There is just something about creating, and capturing that perfect moment, that has a profound grip on my heart.
So, while it's not art class every day all day for me. It's something I'm holding on to.

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  1. When I first started reading I thought maybe I would see or hear about art class friday night. Thanks for all the art classes you have with the children. your sister to the east!