Monday, November 7, 2011

Bug on the Windsheild

Yes, it had been one of those days.
I woke up in the morning right on time. Twelve hours -give or take- from when I had fallen asleep. I wasn't feeling the greatest the night before, and truth be told those 12 hours didn't do much to improve the way I felt.
My contacts were all dried out from sleeping with them in.
I got my breakfast, packed my lunch & headed to work.
Despite leaving in plenty of time, after getting behind a tractor, unable to pass; I punched in at 7:32.
It was a long day.
Stress of trying to get all things on my list done.
Added pressure of last minute things to get done.
Till I looked at the clock & realized it was 5:00, and past time for me to be headed home; I was feeling the need for another 12 hour night.
Driving home i was making mental lists of all i needed to do in the evening before being able to get some sleep. I felt ever so much like a bug, and my mental list combined with my day was the windshield coming at me at 45 mph.
I was in stop & go traffic. I like that even less than following tractors. At one of the "stop" times, i saw movement in the top right corner of my windshield. And there was a little bug crawling across my windshield. I actually smiled at the irony of my previous thoughts of feeling like a bug splattered on a windshield.
I watched as he crawled ever so slowly. His antennae waving in the air. Antennae that look to be only ever so slightly attached to his body. I began to marvel at my Creator's handiwork. Thinking about the bug & how delicately he was designed, and God taking care of his every need.
The thought of God taking care of me, and knowing how many hairs are on my head, really hit home for the first time. Or at least in a way that I never thought of before.
I am a "make my world work" type of person. I have plans, I figure out what I need to do to get the results I expect. When my world doesn't work, I get stressed, I get frustrated, and often times to my shame, I only then cry out to God.
Even then it is "Lord, help me make this work" not "Lord here is the situation, I give it to You"
Amazing how sometimes all it takes is something like a bug on the windshield for God to get your attention.


  1. Good thoughts. Wishing you a good night of sleep. Happy 3rd Anniversary! Christine

  2. It's your anniversary!!! Hope it's not another bug-splattered windshield kind of day. Love. Lucy