Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Failed Brakes

That is what I am thankful for today.

My husband called me when I had just pulled into work. Letting me know that tonight's plans would have to change. When he pulled into the driveway at his work, the brakes on his truck gave out.
My first question was if he was okay. 
Yes he is fine.
My next thought was to breath a grateful prayer.
Not only for his safety this morning, but for the safety this past weekend. We were at the cabin. In that truck.
Over the mountains
On hairpin turns
Two hours there,
Two hours home.
Turnpike, tons of cars, moderately heavy traffic.
And here we are safe & sound.
Tonight when he came home from work, I hugged him a little tighter, and once again breathed a prayer of thankfulness
For Safety
For failed brakes, that remind me that I serve a mighty God.

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