Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it strange...

Is it strange that I am particularly aware of my arm hair when it storms? They say before you get struck by lightning the hair on your arms stands up.Yes its storming, & yes I hate storms.
Something woke me up. I'm not sure what exactly, but as I was drifting back to sleep, I saw it lightning....through my eyelids. So now I'm awake.
Our bedroom basically has two walls of windows, so yeah it lights up in here. It's really quiet outside. I hear the jangle of Jack's dog license. I guess the stillness woke him up too.
My husband however is preparing wood for this coming winter. It's apparently gonna be a long cold one.
Every time it lightnings it illuminates the ceiling fan. For some reason it looks kinda creepy, & if I let my imagination go, I'll be up all night squeezing the life out of a  meat tenderizer to use as protection from the mass murderer that is outside my deck doors.
Its starting to rain.
I can hear it on the tin roof of the garage.
I'm suddenly rethinking the placement of our pool only a couple yards from our bedroom. Doesn't lightning strike water faster?
Its in an all out pour now.
How's this for a middle of the night weather report?
I guess the storms not too bad. I haven't woken C up yet. I'm liking the idea of blogging on the laptop in a pitch black room during a thunderstorm. The screen is pretty blinding. Makes me not see the lightning.
Storms are such a mixed thing for me.
I hate thunderstorms. They scare me. Probably cause I'm too worried about my hair standing on end. Maybe because lightning can cause fires, and fire scares me ever since I was a little girl.
Childhood is so intriguing.
So many misconceptions turn into lasting fears.
A strike started a barn fire when I was little. My dad was a fireman. He was gone most the night. I've hated storms ever since, that's probably when I started hating fires too. I used to have recurring dreams that as punishment i had to sit on a chair while my mom was working at the desk. There would be fire creeping towards me (from a log that fell from the wood stove) and she would make me sit there as it crept closer & closer. 
My mom is not mean, I don't remember actually having to sit in that chair as punishment, but I did hate the wood stove for as long as I can remember. If I was home alone, the stove would go out and I would freeze before even thinking of putting more wood in it.
Sometimes misconceptions are placed in our childhood minds by others.
One of my friends was really into hockey when he was little. His dad told him that the lightning was when God scored a shot, & the thunder was all the angels applauding. He also was told that God was rearranging the living room furniture. Guess God has lots of sofas cause its really rumbling.
On the other side of hating storms...
They also amaze me. I can just see God reaching out and touching the sky and lightning streaking away from his touch. Kinda like over-sized static electricity when I touch the metal file cabinet at work. When I'm not alone, or awoken from sleep.
Speaking of waking up, C just rolled over and mumbled something about using black powder to kill a black bear and left out a little chortle. Think it's safe to say he's not waking up anytime soon.
Think I'll try to put in my earbuds and call it a night...or whatever time it is...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In no certain order...

Things that annoy me, disturb me, or generally amuse me...

1. People who do a year's worth of banking at the drive thru. It is a drive THRU not a park & STAY
2. Registration stickers on all 4 corners of a liscense plate. If they were meant to be in all 4 corners, there would be an indentation on all 4 corners.
3. Following a truck, or being followed by a truck.
4. People who leave their turn signals on when they have no intention of turning
5. Meeting people I know when I am shopping. Not because I dont like the people, just because it feels weird to have little half conversations in the middle of shopping.
6. Backseat drivers. When I'm driving or even if I am a passenger.
7.The fact that I am simply incapable of using a hot glue gun without burning my fingers.
8. Matching socks. I'm gonna throw out all my socks & buy ones that are all the same brand.
9.Unflushed public toilets
10. Putting something somewhere so you'll know where it is when you need it, & then forgeting where you put it.
11. The fact that my husband can fall asleep the moment his head hits the pillow.
12. When you get disconnected mid phone conversation. Do you call them or wait till they call you?
13. Bluetooth headsets - I just cant get used to people walking around in the store looking like they are talking to themselves
14. "floppy fish" handshakes.
15. The scan button on the radio/constantly flipping channels
16. comb-overs
17. mocking birds that copy car alarms
18. people that dominate conversations & can always make it pertain to 1 certain topic
19. roadkill
20. talking, laughing, or walking in one's sleep