Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Now I'm sure the thought of those words send all you domestic ladies into a dither. -Thoughts of wiping down walls, -moving furniture around so you can sweep wall to wall, -Cleaning out the "junk closet" (wait, do other people even have them?), -Spit shining the silver and washing windows. Me? I just think that maybe for once my house will get completely cleaned in one week. I know, it sounds like my house must be full of dust bunnies and dingy windows, & honestly sometimes it is. What can I say I work full time, and live by Rt 23. The inside doesn't always get cleaned & those front windows with the lovely grime? Maybe this week...maybe. This past weekend, I decided that it is time for Spring Cleaning, & not necessarily house cleaning. Everything is getting cleaned out & organized. Finances - oh yes the dreaded cant live with it, cant live without it budget. Sadly it has gotten neglected the last few months. And then, last night I discovered that my computer has a nice little template on it to help me organize the budget. I was so excited I stayed up way to late figuring it out. That's the second thing that needs spring cleaned - or just discipline. Getting to bed at a normal hour & using time wisely. Next on the list is Meal Prep. I NEED to start planning my meals - healthy meals. Since I can tend to be an excuse-y-ish person, I will make some here: -I never did much cooking before I was married. I worked till 5, came home & mom normally had supper pretty much ready. So therefore I lack experience. (can i still claim that after 1 1/2 yrs of being married?) -Secondly my husband is lactose milk, cheese, sour cream, butter, cream cheese....(there is a kind of milk that he can have for when i need to use it in something) -Thirdly, my husband does not eat most vegetables. So instead of making corn every night, or just a vegetable for me, I sometimes skip it. I know, I know, how un-wifey of me. So aside from these excuses, I'm about to embark on a journy of healthy cooking. Anyone with ideas for me, please give! I'm accepting every idea that doesn't include liver & onions. :) And yes, also on my spring cleaning list is my house. Inside & outside. I dream of that perfect house, that never has clutter, never gets junk mail, no need for "storage" closets or better yet "junk closets". & little by little, room by room, my aim is to get there....before it needs to be called Summer Cleaning. Till next time You can find me with the bald headed guy. (Mr Clean, silly people! my husband's not bald!)

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