Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Camping

It's close
It's fun
It's family

This is the second year that we went camping in the Back 40. Otherwise known as the big area behind my dad's shop.
Dad watching over breakfast.
I think its kinda cool how the tripod frames an A for Aaron ;) 

Kirsten digging her mini marshmallos out of her hot chocolate.

Saturday was a clean up day at the shop. For some reason the men like doing things like driving the Hyster & pulling tress out by their roots, walking on the roof and pulling down tree branches, and going up in high lifts to fix windows on buildings.

While cleaning up a spot right near the campfire, Curt found a snake... thus the eager anticipation of Lucy & Christine to see but not be food put them on a higher level :)
Dad or otherwise refered to as Grandpa...enjoying some food with a few of his girls.

Dave going up to do the window.

Hauling fire wood
The happy littlest camper :)

I think this was during church.

It was a great weekend. Laughing, Talking, Playing settlers...Doing things that family was meant to do.

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