Friday, January 27, 2012

The Strainer Saga

One upon a time there was a girl who got the brainy idea that winter would be the best time to find a lower priced food strainer on eBay.
That girl was me.
So I began scouring eBay. What I really wanted was one like my Mom has. All metal parts. Built to last.
So, when I came across this gently used beauty with a low opening bid, I went for it.

As I researched further, to my dismay I noticed these beauties go for upwards of $230-$300. Sadness filled me as I gave in and began looking for the less durable, still workable, partially plastic ones.
That's when I found this one...
 It was located in my state. It was used once this past summer. So I put in a low bid, decided it was also going to be my final bid. I was still dreaming of finding an all metal steal at a yardsale or goodwill or something.
As I was continuing to scour the web, I came across this one.
Also in my state, also used once this past summer. Thinking it was the same one I had bid on, I noticed it wasn't showing my bid. Instead of looking in my bidding history, I chalked it up to a glitch in the system and once again entered my low final bid.
That's when bad things started happening.
When I got the email that I was the winning bidder, I was reservedly elated. I won it, I own it, but it's still not exactly what I wanted. Oh well. As long as it works. That's when I noticed the strainer 3 picture was missing the tray. Oh boy.
About this time, the email came in saying I won strainer 2.
I have to admit the first thing that I thought when I realized what I had done was
"What is Curt going to say about this!"
To my amazement, he just snickered and rolled his eyes. Said something about "I'm not helping to do it this summer", and then asked if maybe one of my sisters would want the one.
Put it this way. Had it been reversed, my reaction would have been, shall we say, less rolling eyes at ridiculousness and more steaming from the ears. I have a good man, he teaches me alot.
So I ended up with both strainers, and yes strainer 3 was missing the tray. I contacted the seller, He hadnt realized it, so he refunded 1/2 my money. I'm sure I can find a tray elsewhere on eBay.
Fast forward 2  or 3 weeks to yesterday.
"Congratulations you are the winning bidder of ....Strainer 1.
Confusion Moment - Wait, What?
Elation Moment - Yay! It's the one I wanted!
Elation Moment - It was a steal!
Freak out moment - Did I add one too many zeros when I put in that bid?
Freak out moment - Will Curt be just as understanding now that there is a 3rd strainer headed our way?
He was still nice about it, but for some reason I wont be surprised if my ebay password mysteriously changes.
So my dear readers, This is the question.

Do you think now would be a good time to tell him that the stainer will not attach to our counter-tops or tables, and I need either a new table or a picnic table outside so it will work?

Yeah, I didn't think so. :)

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  1. You're hysterical! I might want access to the strainer. :) -Lucy