Tuesday, December 2, 2008

last night as i lay in bed, i heard the train whistle. it was kinda rainy, and the smoke was coming out the chimney on the house across the road, adn it just felt like a perfect winter night. if there were snow on the ground it would be perfection and not just perfect :)
thanksgiving is come and gone - crazy - i know! this year, has just past in a flurry (no pun intended) of life. and i must say, i've pretty much enjoyed every moment.
so thanksgiving day was last week, but i'd still like to make my thankful for/because of list:
  • Curt - who has made this last year an adventure unlinke any other
  • family - the people that make thanksgiving a fun holiday.
           -the people that you eat thanksgiving food with.
       -the people who make me who i am             
  • my little house - a place to call "ours" in the area we wanted
  • neices & nephews - who make me marvel at the innocence of children
  • friends - who have been a constant amazement to me in the past year
  • healing - no more physical therapy! :)
  • my gracious forgiving Heavenly Father & all the little blessing He sends my way each day

did you make a difference in your world today?

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