Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“You’re acting like a child” - this was the response I heard Monday, from a customer who was not called when his parts were ready, because we noted that he would stop by for them on his way home from work. He was positive that he was supposed to receive a call to verify that his parts were ready; I calmly explained that there must have been some miscommunication, and that I was sorry. His response was that I was being childish by not owning up to “my” mistake.
As I hung up the phone I was quite perturbed at his commanding rudeness. I let out a frustrated sigh, and put it behind me.
Later that afternoon, an older gentleman came in for his order. We chatted as I got his bill together, and of course the conversation came to the impending snow. I mentioned that I think I’d be ok with a good snowstorm again. (Like I have any say in it!) It’s been a while since we were actually snowed in. He smiled & kind of chuckled and replied, “at my age, mild winters are just okay, you must still be a child at heart.” There it was again, only this time with no negative connotation insinuated. I smiled back, and affirmed that this might just be the case.
Monday night we went shopping. Berean Bookstore, Old Navy, Circuit City, and that wonderful almost heaven on earth place called Michaels. There is just something about crafts, stickers, decorations, paper, and all that fun stuff, that makes me want to spend hours looking through each and every scrumpcialicious (yes I’m making up a word) individual item. One of my treasures of the evening was a box of 64 Crayola Crayons. We have nieces, we have nephews, we have coloring books, and now we have some delightful crayons. Colors with delicious names like courage, Bear Hug, Purple Mountains Majesty, Granny Smith Apple, Macaroni & Cheese, Super Happy, Tickle Me Pink, & Wisteria.
Yesterday I was at home all day, and I pulled out my new box of crayons, each of them with a perfectly sharpened tip, all smelling so amazingly new; and I took each one from the box, and wrote their names on a piece of paper. Yes, perhaps I am a child at heart. It still grants my heart such great joy, to use a never before used crayon. And yes, the thought did cross my mind, to go upstairs and dig out the coloring book, but instead, I put the crayons back in their place, left out a contented sigh, and took a nap.
Yes, I may be a child, but I’m okay with that. We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. So next time it snows, no matter your age, go outside. - make snow angels, build a snowman, have a neighborhood snowball fight, chase snow flakes with your toungue sticking out. look silly, be silly, have fun - be a child at heart.

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