Friday, March 13, 2009

It’s Friday night, the night my husband runs ambulance from 6 to 11. The night that I do things with girlfriends, catch up on house work, or have have me nights. When plans with one of my girlfriends fell thru, I started a list of things I wanted to do tonight.
  • Work on a dress I’m sewing for my sister
  • Clean the house top to bottom
  • Catch up on all the laundry
  • Do baking
  • Clean the kitchen spic and span
  • Organizing paperwork/bills/receipts
  • Catch up with some work on our budget
But none of that happened…. Instead, this list is more like it.
  • Get a call from my husband at 5:10. he says he’s gonna run a brush fire call, and I might have to bring his uniform up to the ambulance station, cause it will be cutting it close for him to be on at 6
  • Hear on the scanner that it is no longer a brush fire, but a building (shed)
  • Hear ambulance on location ask for the second ambulance to respond class three for an injured firefighter
  • get a certain feeling, that the injured firefighter is my husband. Two seconds later, hear my phone ring, its my husband, he confirms he is that firefighter
  • stop all cooking/ supper prep, get ready to head to the ER with my in-laws
  • get to the ER, find my husband, who is in significant right knee pain
  • sit and wait for them to do xrays
  • hear the news that nothing is broken, but possibly torn or badly sprained
  • we go to the doctor Monday for further instructions
  • get dropped off at the the hall, help my husband in the passenger seat, and I drive us home in HIS truck (it’s a big scary truck)
  • try to situate my uncomfortable immobilized husband on the sofa
Basically the story as best I can tell, the shed is burning as are some pine trees next to it. He looks up, and the electrical wires running above his head are also burning. He twists to turn and get out from under them, his knee goes out, and he goes down. Next thing he knows, a cop and three firefighters are hauling him away from the fire, to the ambulance, where they convince him to go in and get it checked out.
now he’s sleeping here beside me, and I’m grateful for all the bad things that didn’t happen at that scene, that could have me sitting next to him in the hospital instead.

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