Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're Related - Barack Obama said so...

I just got done chewing my Dad out. Ancestry has always facinated me. I've wished so often as I read through great great (however many it is) grandparents diary's that I could have just an hour to sit down with them and drink in all I can about what their lives were like. And now I just found out I could have. I received an email from Barack Obama on facebook through the "We're Related" application. Apparently we are fourth cousins once removed... And apparently, I could have had one of those sit down chats with my great grandmother. She apparently died when I was thirteen. Her married name was Pearl Marie Smith. It makes we want to delve into research about her life. Was she in the witness protection program? Is that why her last name was smith? Because none of my grandparents grew up as smith's. And how lucky am I? Everyone I know has 4 great grandparents, mine are: Jake & Esther Newswanger, Aaron & Mary Weaver, David & Elizabeth Weaver, Christian & Rebecca Sauder - now I also have Charles & Pearl Smith! - Cant wait to learn about them! & meet all my 4.5 cousins in person, maybe have slumber parties with my 5th cousins at the White House! __________ In other news, since April 1rst came around, so far I've talked to only a handful of people who actually failed to mention April Fools, or tell me a joke. I can only pray that none of my kids have to share a birthday with me! It can be a real pain! __________ Things I love about today: ~ It's not snowing - a majority of my birthdays include snow ~Early this morning my husband was talking in his semi-conscious state, till I absolutely laughed him wide awake at 2am ~It looks like it could rain - I love rain (except for what it does to my arthritis) ~No matter how old I get, I still love birthdays - I just try to ignore that fact that the age I am makes me sound old, & simply enjoy the day ~ My husband is taking me out for supper tonight ~I keep getting birthday texts, emails & comments - which means I have friends who love me, or love the fact that I am getting older ~I have yummy leftovers in my lunch ~I awoke in a relatively healthy state this morning ~The work week is halfway over

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  1. Oh silly you.
    Happy B-day. Enjoy your day off tomorrow.