Wednesday, August 19, 2009

State of Mind

My mind is flying into various corners today... I think it must be trying to hide from all it knows it has to get done... We have been thoroughly enjoying our little dog. His official name has been deemed "Jack". I feel it is a very strong name, and one that has so many predecessors. Jack Black Captian Jack Sparrow Jack Ingram Jack Daniels Jack the Ripper -although he's not a killer, he does tend to terrorize my family room at times... Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack London - on that note perhaps his name should have been "Buck" Jack Nicholson Apple Jacks Cracker Jacks ..... but i like to call him "Sir Jackson Jimmy Jabbers". When I do call him that he normally just sits and looks at me with that cute little head tilt thing that dogs do. He's getting pretty good about going into his pen at night and being silent. But he still hasnt grasped the concept of doing his business outsided. It's more like go outside, run, romp, play, bark at stones for 20 minutes then go inside and promptly go to the bathroom. Oh well, this too shall pass. If not, I'd like to introduce you to "Jack the no longer house dog".

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