Sunday, August 2, 2009

God cried today..

at least thats what I think. This evening about 15 minutes from where I am, there is a family whose world has been torn apart. Earlier this week, a man from our church was killed in a tree cutting accident. He left behind his wife, and 5 adopted children. The veiwing is tonight, the funeral is tomorrow morning. When I woke up this morning, the rain was pounding against the window and making trails down the glass. The image I got was one of God crying. Crying for the children who dont understand why daddy never came home from work. Crying for his wife who tries to grasp it all, and hold tight to her children. Crying, because His children are crying. Crying because His children's hearts are breaking. As I watched in awe at God's tears running down my bedroom window, I cried too. For my sister in Christ, who is expiriencing pain in the loss of her husband, and for her children, who at one point in their lives lost a father, and are now losing another - one who loved them so much. God cried today...I'm pretty sure of that.

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