Sunday, September 13, 2009

A house of worth

There is an abandoned old house that I have driven by pretty much every day for the last 10 months. I used to say to Curt - "lets find out who own's that house and make them an offer." It's one of those old houses with the falling down trellis, crooked window shades, overgrown bushes, other words a house with lots of potential. For the past several months, the local fire departments have been using it for training. The windows have been broken out. The crooked shades, are now jagged edged from being torn. The trellis is now disconnected from from the porch roof, and hanging precariously over the driveway. As we drove by the other day, Curt said to me - "Still want to put in an offer?" I laughed and replied with an emphatic "no I think it's beyond saving". I got to thinking as we drove, how good it is that God doesn't have the same attitude as me. He still has interest in me, even if I'm not in the greatest condition. Sin works to destroy us, yet he still sees the value in us. I'm hoping the house stays for a while, it will be a good reminder as I drive by every day.

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