Friday, March 11, 2011

Windshield Wiper Judgeyness

So, I realize this is the internet, & I'm about to share this with the world, but I think I'm OK with that.
I have this fear of judgment that I am met with every time it rains. It is one of my insecurities that I am working through.

Every time I go away when it rains I am faced with how fast to run my windshield wipers. If I run them too slow, I can't see, but if I run them faster I always wonder if people look at me like I'm some obsessively crazed windshield wiper maniac.
I think I care more what other people think of me when I'm driving than I do at any other time. I distinctly remember a rainy day about 1 1/2 years ago. My car was in the shop for a face-lift, and the rental I had was a Mazda 5.

                             Now for those of you, who haven't a clue what a vehicle is
                             unless you own it or aspire to own it; A Mazda 5 is a cross
                             between a very long car and a very short mini van. You
                             know you have "toy" poodles? This is a "toy" mini van.

Well, it was on that rainy day that I was at a red light & realized that this van has a windshield wiper for the back window. I promptly turned it on, & after a lengthy giggle fit, turned it back off wondering if it looks as much like a dog wagging it's tail to the people in line behind me, as it did to me.

As I said, I am working through it. I have reached the point that I can now see that the reason I feel judged is because I "Windshield wiper judge" others that are on the road.  You know... there is always that one person coming the other way in a light sprinkling of rain that has their wipers going to the beat of Flight of the Bumblebee.

Like I said...I'm working on it. Lucky for me It's not raining today. It will be a judge free drive home :)


  1. Michele, I honestly was laughing so much I could hardly read it to Duane. You once again amuse me.