Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello, my name is Susie Housewife, & I'm a multi-tasker

You know those days when you feel pretty good about yourself? Well, today just might be one of them.
I slept in. (dont worry, that wasn't part of the multitasking)
The kind of sleeping in where you sleep solid. Not the listen-to-the-neighbor-mow-his-yard, or the-dog-barking-loudly, but I'm still sleeping, kind of sleep.
Then, I ate breakfast. A healthy bowl of Quaker oats with raw milk. And yes, the cereal was healthy, cause Bob Harper eats it.

Now, on to the Susie Housewife part. I would say Donna Reed, but what I had for lunch (cold pizza) puts me below her league. I'm pretty sure. Plus she would do it in heels & pearls instead of twisted up bed-head, and bare feet.

Marinara Sauce
Like I said. Susie Housewife. After breakfast I started Marinara Sauce to can. I also started the washer. I currently have my eye on the canner, wherein sits 20-some pints of sauce, with more next to it waiting to go in. plus, i was working on these little guys...
Eggplant headband
They are going to single-handedly (along with many other that look very much like them) get me & C to Ireland for an anniversary trip. Not saying which anniversary. Might be the 5th, or it might be the 50th. We're not sure yet. Regardless of if they sell or not., It is so good to be able to create.
I guess thats what canning is too. If you want to call it that.
Really though I think this is pretty too. And it will taste good later on. Pretty & functional & I'm all about that! ;)
Last weeks peaches.

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  1. I love a good read from you! -Lucy