Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm a new person

My life has changed forever.
From my third story perch, I watched this morning as the sun tried desperately to push away the clouds & fog of night.
It's not the first time I saw a sunrise. It's not the first time that the darkness slowly gave way to day. But it was a first for me.
I'm not the same as the last time I watched the sun rise.
I'm not alone.
Nestled in the crook of my arm is this little tiny being that has bewitched me. She has completely stolen my heart. She has changed me. She has made me a mom. 
Her name is Olivia Kate.


  1. Michele & Curt - you have a real cutie there! And I definitely see "Frey"! =) Dustin just grins & points. Marlin Kent says he likes your baby - I quote "it's the nicest baby I ever seen".

  2. Oh, and congratulations!!!!

  3. Michele, can I just say that I am super excited about your little Olivia. It was so worth the trip out there to see you and her (and incredible proud daddy). :) -Lucy

  4. She is a little cutie! We look forward to meeting her in person once we are all well enough. Take care of your precious baby girl! Christine