Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doing Dishes...

Growing up, my Mom always washed the dishes after supper. We cleared the table, swept the floor, dried the dishes & put them away. We alternated who did what, but Mom always washed the supper dishes. Perhaps it's because I never had to do them that much, or maybe because when I did have to do them it was most times Saturday and lots of mixing/baking dishes were added to it; regardless, washing dishes is one of my least favorite jobs. I can enjoy laundry, and dusting/sweeping, but washing dishes is another thing completely.
Today, as my little girl slept in the other room, I filled my dishpan with water, added some soap, and plunged my hands into the warmth & bubbles, and smiled. There was something deeply satisfying about washing dishes today. There I was, just me some soapy bubbles and the dirty dishes. I sighed one of those deep cleansing sighs, and thought "What's so bad about doing dishes?"
The past few days, my little girl has been pretty much "mommy needs to hold me all the time". I love holding her, staring into her little blue eyes, and talking to her. However, my family is soon going to put me on the show Hoarders if my house keeps looking like this. So to be able to lay her down while she slept, and do dishes, it was a welcome respite.
Maybe that is why my mom always washed the dishes? Don't know, perhaps I'll ask her.

Taking a nap on my doll bunk bed. My dad gave
this to me for one of my birthdays back in the day.
I'd love to use it to take pictures of twins someday.
As long as the twins belong to someone other than me!
She is 4 weeks old today. It's crazy. I'm hoping time slows down at some point. I feel like the days are speeding by. She is growing like a weed. Rolling from her back to her belly, ( dont most babies wait a while to do that?) talking to us, and completely wrapping herself around our hearts.


  1. M, you make me so excited to great our lil one! I can't wait to just hold him and sit and stare into his little blue eyes :) 10 more weeks! Til then I'll be doing my dishes and cleaning before I can't anymore... :)

  2. Love little Olivia on the bunk bed. Need to come squeeze her again. -Lucy