Monday, November 9, 2009

Anniversary Trip...Pungoteague, Va

Pretty Byrd Cottage - this was our house. Cross the little bridge to our little island home.

Sunset at the bay
and again :)
The one morning I happened to wake up around sunrise. From laying in bed, you could pretty much see out ever window in the house, and when I saw the sun coming up, framed by the woodwork on the porch, I just had to drag myself out to snap a picture. Believe me, I went back to bed and slept blissfully :)

Out & about in the paddleboat the two cute chairs on the other island in our little lake

Feeding the fish some crackers

The clearest pic I managed to get of the "big fish" Out at the Harbor

Enjoying a book on the back porch Sunday afternoon

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  1. I love it! That spot looks so quaint, quite, reserved, romantic and relaxing! Happy for you! Miss you too!