Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The love of money...

Is some days the root of much amusement. :)

It all started back on a cold day in late December.
C called me on his way home from work. He needed to make a stop to check on a friends elderly mother who after taking some pills began to feel ill. Friend called C since he is an EMT to see if he could check up on her since he (friend) was about an hour from home.
So... C did. She was fine, just happened to take them on an empty stomach.
About a week later, we got a little envelope in our mailbox. In little old lady handwriting, it was addressed to C. It held a sincere thank-you note, and a $20 bill. While it was unnecessary, & certainly unexpected, C hung on to that $20 like gold.
                   See, before C & I  got together he paid cash for
                   simply everything. Me not so much. My Debit  Card
                   was my sidekick, & the two of us got along like very
                   old friends.
                   After we got married, by default I became the keeper
                   of the checkbook. Perhaps because C's way of balancing
                   his account was "withdraw cash, look at balance on
                   receipt" :)
                  Once we got settled into our budget, we talked of doing
                   a monthly spending allowance. You know, for the snack
                   thing at work, or in C's case a soda every now & then.
                   Time goes on, and the whole allowance thing kinda fell
                   by the wayside.

All that brings us to last night. I'm laying in bed, & see C frantically digging through his work pants pockets, moving stuff around at the head of the bed, trying to look down between the wall & the mattress. Suddenly he gives me an accusing look & says "Did you take me dollar?"
At that point I cracked up laughing. Like that was going to help my case for innocence....I finally convinced him I did not take it from him, & it probably came out of his pocket somewhere & is lost.
The dear lost dollar was the last of his $20. He gave me a sad look, and we went to sleep.  I fell asleep thinking that perhaps I am depriving my husband a little too much if he is getting sad over $1.
Then this morning, in the murky blurry eyed moments before I was completely awake, I see a folded dollar held up in front of my nose & an excited-because-it's-Christmas kind of voice say....I found my dollar! 

And that my friends is the man I love :)


  1. I can totally see Curt doing this!

  2. He balances his account the same way I do:) Works fine!!

  3. Cute story! Your a fun author to read :)
    Glad 'C' found his dollar!!!

  4. Oh, Michele, that is hilarious. C is a funny man. I like your new look here.